Sonic Boom meets London Sound Academy Fri 16 March

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Downstairs- Sonic Boom with Sean Innit- Sean has been on the DJ circuit for twenty odd years after being a well known face and on on the south coast since the early 90’s. He was once a regular face behind the counter at Love Vinyl as well as working at and releasing music on several label including Moton, Joes Bakery, Majestys Pleasure, ISM and of course Midnight Riot which he set up with Yam who? six ears ago. Equally as happy in the studio as behind the booth his edits and productions are known among many of the well known deep diggers and he’s one of the go to guys for an authentic dynamic mastering job on the edits scene.
His sound and style in both the studio and behind the booth has always been deeply influenced by the authentic fusion of Soul,Blues, Funk, Afro and Latin dance rhythms that came to be known as disco in the 70’s. His house sets even back in the day were sample heavy and full of snippets of choice cuts giving him a distinct sound at a time when most of the DJ’s in the scene where playing the same old chuga boom house; this knowledge of disco has stood him well as since it has come once again to the forefront of the dance music scene it see’s Sean co-writing the disco page for the legendary Mixmag magazine alongside his long term colleague Yam Who?
upstairs- LSA Presents is our monthly showcase of London Sound Academy graduates at our favourite late night rave pub in Shoreditch, the Horse & Groom. playing house and techno


Sean Innit (Midnight Riot),Katy Torres, Nosha, K Lopez, Scott Anderson b2b Jo Fezzani, NeoPink b2b Elixir Sound, Light Gal, Photrix, Ryann Beggsy


 adv £3/5 on the door/ free b4 10pm


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