Rude Movements meets Induced Xmas Party Fri 1st Dec

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downstairs Rude Movements- Jay Hannan of the now legendary Lazy dog club and Manish, creator of Blowin East will be spinning a vinyl heavy and uniquely special blend of deep underground disco, laced with proto — house gems to a packed and bustling dance floor at their late night Shoreditch residency Rude Movements.
Their groove is a unique one that cannot really be defined. Testament to this is a club that is full of friendly, musically aware and individual party people that is famed for its intensity on the dance floor. Join them this throughout 2017 on the first Friday of the month and find out for yourselves. It really would be Rude not to!

Upstairs- Induced After the brilliant launch in September we are buzzing to announce we will be back for a christmas party @ the intimate and renown Horse & Groom. If you attended the launch you will know what to expect…..Talented DJs,loving vibes and a music policy to get you Jumping!


Jay Hannan, ManishJoe Le Groove, Cat Hooper, Rhys White,Jason V,Tommy Oriel, Terri-Anne, Roney J


 Free b4 10pm – £3 tickets advance/ £5 after


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