Midnight Riot With Earthboogie Fri 17th November

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Midnight Riot With Earthboogie
Midnight Riot return with resident DJ Sean Innit and Mark Ingram for another Horse and Groom session with special guest from Leng Records Izaak Gray of Earthboogie
About Earth Boogie DJ/Production & Live duo Izaak Gray & Nicola Robinson bring you their unique blend of international, afro-cosmic & futuristic sounds as Earthboogie.
Biography- While they’ve been DJing around London and beyond with their custom built Quod sound system for some time, the Mr Mystery EP marks Earthboogie’s debut appearance on Leng Records. It’s the first time the fruits of their studio labours, recorded in the space they call The Control Room, have made it onto vinyl.Some may draw clear parallels with the Afro-cosmic work of Italian pioneers Daniele Baldelli and Beppe Loda, where rock guitars, disco riffs, vintage synthesizers and heavy African drum rhythms are all thrown into the musical melting pot.


Sean Innit, Earthboogie, Izaak Gray, Mark Ingram


 Free b4 10pm – £3 tickets advance/ £5 after


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